Peralta Trails Community Amenity Map

The community contains 832 homes, however, only 384 homes have access to a small pool and recreational facility. 
This subdivision is known as Desert Glory and was developed at a later stage. 
Homeowners in Desert Glory pay an additional assessment fee for the use and maintenance of the pool and recreational facility.

Homes located on the following streets (indicated in GREEN on the map) DO NOT have access to recreational facilities.
Owners pay only the regular monthly HOA fee of $55.

E. Blue Bird Mine Court
S. Bluff Springs Court
S. Bull Dog Court
S. Desert Preserve Court
E. Desert Trail Lane
E. Dutchmans Trail
E. Excavation Court
E. Gold Nugget Court
E. Gold Panning Court
S. Hidden Trail Court
E. Hillside Mine Court
S. Lost Mine Road
S. Lucky Seven Court
E. Meandering Trail Lane
E. Peralta Canyon Drive #10238 to 10562 only
S. Rocky Peak Court
E. Second Water Trail
E. Secret Canyon Road
E. Stone Circle Lane
E. Superstition Range Road
E. Tortilla Creek Court
E. Trailhead Court
E. Windy Pass Trail

Homes located on the following streets (Indicated by BLUE on the map) DO access to the Desert Glory Pool and Clubhouse.
Owners pay a special monthly assessment of $40 in addition to the regular monthly HOA fee of $55.

S. Adobe Court
E. Castle Dome Trail
E. Frog Tanks Court
E. Lazy Doc Court
E. Legend Court
E. Lost Canyon Court
S. Mountain Air Lane
E. New Frontier Court
S. Open Trail Lane
S. Paradise Trail
E. Peralta Canyon Drive #10639 to 11181 only
S. Pioneer Court
E. Prospector Drive
E. Rugged Mountain Drive
S. Thorne Mine Lane