Trestle Management Group provides the professional and personal administrative support your community association deserves. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of the management of your community will be run smoothly for years to come.


Embracing that the foundation of a healthy community association is effective communication, Trestle Management Group is proud to provide our clients a comprehensive communication plan focused on enhancing members’ perceptions of the Associations we serve. All of the Community Management Systems of Trestle Management Group have been specifically designed to close the inherent communication gaps between the Management Company, the Board of Directors, and the Homeowners. Our portfolio of Communication Services include:

  • Create, host, and regularly update Community Website Portals for each community we serve, providing an effective and convenient way for homeowners to stay informed about what is happening with their association by providing up-to-date community specific information and resources
  • Respond to emails and voicemails no later than the end of the next business day
  • Draft and distribute ALL notices required by State Statute and/or Association’s Governing documents (i.e. Annual Meeting Notices, Budget Ratification Notices, Resolutions, etc.)
  • Draft and distribute other routine operational correspondence on behalf of the Association
  • Distribute other formal correspondence drafted by the Board when requested to do so

Board Support

As corporations, community associations are managed according to the decisions made by the elected Board of Directors at formal Board meetings. At Trestle Management Group, part of our support role is to provide our Board of Directors the information and counsel required to make informed decisions. Fulfilling our commitment to excellence, meticulously prepared Board Packets are distributed well in advance of every Board meeting, ensuring that Directors have a chance to review and absorb the information prior to each meeting. Our portfolio of Board Support Services include:

  • Professional counsel through our attendance at regularly scheduled Board meetings, annual General Membership meetings, and annual Budget Ratification meetings
  • Comprehensive support through the preparation and distribution of Board Packets at least 5 days prior to regularly scheduled Board meetings which include:
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Previous Meeting Minutes
    • Supporting Materials
    • Manager’s Narrative Report
    • Community Activity Report
    • Site Inspection Report

Compliance Enforcement

At Trestle Management Group we realize that one of the most powerful ways we can be of service to our clients is to help protect and enhance the value of the homes in the communities we are privileged to serve. Upholding our unwavering commitment to quality, we remain focused on the effective enforcement of your association’s governing documents. Through our comprehensive understanding of the delicate balance between upholding the aesthetic standards of your community and the individual ownership rights of homeowners, our Compliance Enforcement services remain grounded on consistency, uniformity, and reasonableness. Our portfolio of Compliance Enforcement Services include:

  • Regular, complete, and consistent community inspections
  • Preparation and distribution of homeowner violation letters based on community compliance standards
  • Receive and process compliance issues from Board members and other homeowners according to Board approved process
  • Provide Board members a Monthly Site Inspection Report which summarizes new, open, and recently completed compliance activity
  • Provide Board members a copy of all compliance letters distributed each month
  • Assist the Association in the development or modification of Association rules, regulations, and policies in accordance with State Statute and the Association’s Governing documents

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review process is an important way for your association to help maintain, protect, and enhance property values within the association by preserving the architectural integrity of the community. Providing additional value to the associations we are privileged to serve, Trestle Management Group helps to ensure that applications are reviewed and responded to in a timely manner, judged objectively, and that architectural continuity is maintained. Our portfolio of Architectural Review Services include:

  • Provide a detailed Design Review Application for homeowner use
  • Receive, log, and review initial Design Review Applications for completeness
  • Promptly distribute completed applications to designated Committee or Board members
  • After receiving direction from Committee or Board, process approval or denial letter or request additional information from homeowner as needed

Insurance / Risk Management

  • Coordinate with the Association and their insurance agent toward acquiring applicable insurance coverage
  • Provide professional support and counsel regarding Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance, and Fidelity
  • Receive and report any known incident which may result in an insurance claim to the Association’s insurance agent
  • Work with the Association to perform an Annual Risk Assessment in order to identify and mitigate any potential areas of loss or over exposure

Policy Development

  • Inform and educate the Association of any significant changes in the national or local Community Association Industry (i.e. legislation, court decisions, insurance, taxes, etc.)
  • Provide professional support and counsel to the Board of Directors regarding their fiduciary responsibilities and their overall governance practices
  • Counsel and assist the Association in the continuous development of Policy and Administrative Resolutions in accordance with State Statute and the Association’s Governing documents

Professional Services Coordination

  • Provide professional support and counsel to the Association concerning the benefits and selection of additional professional services as needed (i.e. general legal counsel, collections, engineering, public accounting, reserve studies, investments, etc.)
  • Utilizing Trestle Management Group’s competitive bidding process, bids are obtained for Board consideration and selection
  • Coordinate with Board selected professionals as needed

Other Administrative Services

  • Provide a physical business presence for the Association
  • Serve as Registered Agent and accept any notices on Association’s behalf
  • Provide requested information concerning real estate transactions within the Association (i.e. resale certificates, escrow demands, mortgage questionnaires, etc.)
  • Maintain Association records and files and make available for inspection in accordance with State Statute and the Association’s Governing documents and policies


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