Most homeowner’s impression of how well the Board of Directors and the Management Company are managing the Association is almost solely based on how well they feel their community is being maintained. In today’s housing market, community maintenance has taken on even greater importance. A well-maintained community is one of the most effective ways to protect and enhance a community’s home values. Fortunately, with our extensive background in residential construction and development, project management, and contractor supervision, Trestle Management Group has the professional experience and expertise to effectively manage the maintenance of your community’s physical assets.

Regular Community Inspections

  • Comprehensive community inspections are conducted on a regular basis in order to proactively identify any potential community maintenance issues
  • Minor maintenance issues observed and budgeted for in the current year’s Operating Budget are acted upon immediately and reported to the Board of Directors
  • Maintenance issues of a more serious nature are immediately reported to the Board of Directors and corrective action shall be taken upon Board approval
  • A comprehensive Site Inspection Report is forwarded to the Board of Directors as part of the monthly Board Packet

Service Request Processing

  • Receive and record repair or maintenance requests concerning Association property from members of the Association utilizing Trestle Management Group’s sophisticated Work Order Tracking System
  • Pursuant to the Association’s policies and budget limitations, service requests are quickly processed and tracked through completion
  • Open and recently completed service requests and projects are reported to the Board of Directors as part of the monthly Board Packet

Contractor Bidding Procedures

  • Utilizing Trestle Management Group’s competitive bidding process, bids are obtained for Board consideration concerning significant services and projects
  • Work with the Association in preparation of bid specifications for significant services and projects
  • Distribute bid specifications to Board approved contractors
  • Receive completed bids from contractors and develop a Comparative Summary Report which is utilized by the Board through their selection process
  • Provide professional guidance and counsel regarding bid review and contractor selection
  • Upon Board’s selection of a contractor, shall assist the Association in the preparation and negotiation of contracts for significant services and projects

Association Contractor Oversight

  • Coordination of recurring, periodic, and seasonal maintenance and inspections
  • Monitor contractor performance to insure compliance with contract specifications as part of our regular community inspections
  • Maintain contractor insurance certificates


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