Our office can absolutely process assessment payments made via electronic payments through most any online banking system. In fact, when a homeowner pays their assessment payments through an online banking service, their banking institution generates and mails a physical check on their behalf. When our office receives the physical check it is processed just like any other payment we receive without a coupon (see above). Consequently, when a homeowner establishes this type of payment through their online banking system it is vital that they confirm that their property address, full name, and account number will be provided on the front of the check. Based on our experience of processing these types of payments, it is also important to point out that there is often a significant delay between when a homeowner schedules a payment and when our office actually receives the physical check. In order to avoid late fees, we recommend that homeowners account for this delay by scheduling these payments well in advance of the due date. Homeowners who pay this way are also encouraged to consider direct debit (ACH) payments instead, as it is faster, incurs no fees, and is less susceptible to error (see below).